What football club does drogba plays for?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What football club does drogba plays for?
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Which team does drogba plays?

He currently plays for Chelsea Football Club.

Who is drogba?

drogba is Dider Drogba. He comes from the Czech Republic and plays for the Chelsea football club in england. Actually he's from Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), but the rest is true.

Did drogba die?

If you mean the footballer Didier Drogba who plays for Chelsea Football Club. No he did not die. He suffered a mild concussion during the match against Norwich City.

For what club does Didier Drogba play?

As of June 2014, Didier Drogba plays for Galatasaray, a club in Turkey.

What no does didier drogba wear?

Dider Drogba Wears The Number 11 Shirt For Chelsea Football Club

Who is the world current and richest footballer in Africa?

The current richest African footballer is Drogba, of the Ivory coast who plays his club football at Chelsea.

Who is Chelsea Football Club 7th highest scorer of all time?

Didier Drogba

Is drogba a UFC fighter?

No, he is a football (soccer) player and plays for Chelsea F.C.

Who does drogba play for?

Drogba plays for Chelsea

Who should Chelsea football club in the Jan transfer window?

in= podolski, guti, d silva out= ferreira, drogba

Who plays football at hillsborough?

This is the club ground of Sheffield Wednesday football club.

How did didier drogba get to england from france?

Didier Drogba did get to England from France through a transfer from Marseille to Chelsea Football Club. His transfer fee was believed to be in a region of 24 million pounds.