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grass or artificial turf

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Q: What is the World Cup 2010 soccer field is made up of?
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What are the Contents of World Cup 2010 soccer field Is it grass or artificial turf?

it is made of a green plant called grass

Adidas soccer balls and how there made?

hi,you can accessa wensite which hava cheapest 2010 world cup soccer ball

Has Spain ever made it to semi-finals in soccer world cup?

Yes, in 2010.

What is a soccer field made of?


Where are Adidas soccer balls made?

the ones used in the 2010 world cup where made in china! suprise, suprise!

Is the 2010 Brazil soccer team made of prisoners?

no it is actually made of some of the best players in the world, and no they are not prisoners

How do you mark the lines on a soccer field?

The lines on a soccer field mark different sides and positions within the field. These are made with a chalk or with a paint.

Has Vietnam ever qualify for World Cup soccer or ever made the World Cup?

Yes, the Vietnam soccer team has qualified for World Cup soccer but has not made the World Cup.

Can you wear soccer cleats for field hockey?

yes, you can. its probably better to wear them then any other cleets. soccer cleets are made for running constantly, which suits field hockey well.

Who in the world made up soccer?

i am not sure but it was made before football

What is the soccer World Cup made of?

Solid gold

Where is world cup soccer ball made?

It is made by Addidas , bladders in India.

What does the soccer black card mean?

There is no such card in soccer. It's existence is a myth. A lifetime ban is not one that can be made on the field. Cards are merely visual aides for dealing with misconduct while on the field of play.

Where is the soccer game played?

You can play soccer almost anywhere as long as you have a ball, players and a net. But usually, it is played in a smooth, grass field with boundaries, a metal net and a well made soccer ball.

What are soccer boots made for?

Made in soccer boots factory

Has Australia ever made it to the finals in soccer world cup?

Yes Australia made it to the 2006 world cup in Germany.

Where was soccer made'?

Soccer was made in England

Is Johannesburg a nice place to live?

Perfect for the 2010 world cup soccer but not really a very good place to live. There is no electronics some food and homes made of hay.

What effect did the soccer world cop 2010 had musically?

it made the singer, Shakira more popular because of her song This is Africa, which was played every time a game started on TV.

How many team mates are on a soccer team?

a soccer team is made up of 11 players Well there is 11 players on the field but 15 to18 players on the team

What soccer field ground is made of?

Grass is what they are mainly made. Some are artificial, made with things like astroturf. Some have a mix of grass and artificial materials.

When Trinidad made it to the World Cup?

Trinidad have not made it to the 2010 world cup.

What are soccerballs made of and why?

soccer ball made of raberban because it's the best sport in the world.

Has israel gone to the world cup of soccer?

I do not think they have made it as yet.

What are soccer balls made out of?

Soccer balls are made out of rubber

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