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wbc is the 'world boxing council' :)

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Q: What is the WBC boxing title abbreviated for?
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Who Was the title holder of three world boxing championships in three different weight divisions and is still the youngest world champion ever in boxing?

Wilfred Benitez is the youngest (male) world champion in boxing history, capturing the WBA junior welterweight title at the age of 17 years and 5 months with a split decision over Antonio Cervantes. He went on to win the WBC welterweight title as well as the WBC light middleweight title. = =

What does wbc stand for in boxing?

World Boxing Council

How many belts does sugar ray Leonard have?

wbc welterweight title wba jr middleweight title wbc middleweight title wbc super middleweight title wbc light heavyweight title.

How many belts has Manny Pacquiao won?

wbo jr lightweight title wbo and ibf lightweight titles wbc super lightweight (jr welterweight) title wbc, wba and ibf welterweight titles wbc jr middleweight title wbo middleweight title after a comeback, he won back the wbc jr middleweight title just before his fight with mayweather jr.

What does WBC stand for?

World boxing championship Or in terms of human physiology WBC stands for White Blood Cell.

Has an prison inmate ever held a boxing title?

None that would be 1st Echelon titles (modern day that being the four group of: WBC; WBA; IBF; WBO)

Boxing matches that Muhammad Ali won a title belt?

won the wbc and wba heavyweight title beating sonny liston in 1964 stripped of wba belt due to inactivity caused by a hernia opperation regained wba title from ernie terrell in '67 stripped of both belts 8 months later. won national nabf (north American boxing federation) belt in 1971 lost and regained it from Kenny norton won wba and wbc heavyweight titles beating george foreman in 1974 lost both to leon spinks (leon stripped of wbc belt for granting ali a rematch instead of defending against norton, norton awarded belt) regained wba title from spinks, then retired (briefly)

What is the abbreviated title for Doctorate in any field?

The abbreviated title for Doctorate in any field is Ph.D.

What boxer has most titles?

Oscar De La Hoya - 6 WBO Junior Lightweight title; World WBO, IBF Lightweight titles;World WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC Welterweight title (failed to win IBF title);World WBC, WBA Junior Middleweight titles: WBO Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles).Thomas Hearns - 5World WBA Welterweight title;World WBC Junior Middleweight title;WBC, WBA Light Heavyweight titles:WBC Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles):WBO Super Middleweight title (failed to win the WBC title in controversial bout).'Sugar' Ray Leonard - 5World WBC, WBA Welterweight titles;WBA Jr. Middleweight title (failed to win WBC title);World WBC Middleweight title:WBC Super Middleweight title (failed to win WBO title):WBC Light Heavyweight title. (Won SMW and LHW titles in same bout).Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - 5WBC Junior Lightweight title;World WBC Lightweight;WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC, IBF Welterweight titles:World WBC Junior Middleweight title.

What is the best sanctioning body in boxing?

The WBA is the oldest sanctioning body in boxing today, however the WBC for its iconic 'green belt' is probably considered the most prestigious belt to win. For any hardcore boxing fan, there are way too many titles in boxing these days as it is, let alone the additions of 'interim' and 'super' champions, the IBF is the only sanctioning body that recognizes only 1 world champion and doesnt deal with the alphabet title nonsense, this is why most boxing pundits see them as the most respected, the WBC in this sense are abit of a joke, having even silver titles and youth silver titles. The wbo isnt universally recognized as one of the 'big 3' however is considered a world title as such. So to answer your question i would say IBF-WBC-WBA-WBO.

How many champs belts has pacquioa have?

wbc flyweight title ibf and ring magazine super bantamweight title wbc & ring magazine super featherweight title wbc lightweight title ibo & ring magazine junior welterweight title

Who is heavy weight champion of the world boxing 2008?

Wasn't Wladimir in as champion at that point(?)