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Their overall winning percentage is .766 or 76%.

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Q: What is the University of Kentucky Basketball's overall Winning Percentage?
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Who is better Kansas or Kentucky in college basketball?

Kentucky has 7 national titles and Kansas has 3. Kentucky has 2023 victories and 638 losses with a winning percentage of .760. Kansas has 2003 victories and 796 losses with a winning percentage of .716. No team has a better winning percentage than Ky. The answer is obvious. Kentucky over the years has better teams.

What team has the lowest winning percentage in college football?

University of Idaho .362 winning percentage (Kansas State has most all-time losses.)

Does Ohio state have the best winning percentage of all time in college football?

No, Ohio State's winning percentage is 71.6%. It is the fifth highest of All-time. The University of Michigan holds the highest winning percentage of 74%

What is Kentucky's all-time basketball record?

2017-636-1. Currently (.760) winning percentage

Who scored the winning touchdown the last time the University of Kentucky beat the University of Tennessee in football?

chris jeffrey and slade Edwards

Who has the best overall winning percentage in college football the last five years the University of Georgia or Auburn University?


Who has the best winning percentage in college football since 1958?

The University of Notre Dame has the highest winning percentage during that time. They have had 875 wins, 305 losses and 42 ties.

What winning percentage did Tom Osborne finish with?

Tom Osborne's regular season record in his 25 seasons as head coach of the University of Nebraska was 255-49-3 for a winning percentage of .836. His record in bowl games was 12-13 for a winning percentage of .480.

How much does the jockey win at the Kentucky Derby?

The winning jockey get a percentage of whatever the owner gets. It was around $140,000 in the 2010 race.

What year did Winning Colors win the Kentucky Derby?

Winning Colors won the Kentucky Derby in 1988.

What NCAA Division 1 football team has the best all time winning percentage?

The University of Michigan.

What team has the most wins in NCAA Tournament?

According to Wikipedia, Kentucky has the most wins (145), but Duke has the best winning percentage (.752).

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