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In 1999 they were 95-67.

They were 96-66 in 2011

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Q: What is the Texas Rangers best season record?
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Which team has the best record for this current season?

Texas Rangers all the way baby! Oilers, got the 1st draft pick!

Who played in the baseball major league world series last year?

The San Francisco Gaints and The Texas Rangers An interesting note is that the Giants won the 2010 World Series, but have the worst record in baseball as of April, 12th 2011. The Texas Rangers have the best record.

Who has the best arm in college football?

Accuracy - Colt McCoy, Texas - 78% Season in the 2008 season (record). Throwing Distance: Sam Bradford, Oklahoma.

Best record for the 2000 season in the NFL?

the Tennessee titans had a record of 13-3 the best that season

What is the spurs best season record?

The San Antonio Spurs best season record was 62-20 in the 1994-1995 season.

Who is the 2nd best player on the texas rangers?

Michael Young

What team had the best season record in 1998?

The Vikings had the best regular season record in 1998 at 15-1.

What is best playoff season record for all teams?

what is best playoff season record for all teams in playoffs

What is the best footbol team?

The team that has the best record or has the best season record.

Who do you think is the best player on the Texas Rangers?

I would say Elvis Andrus.

What is the best record the saints have ever had?

The best win-streak was 13, which was broken by the Dallas Cowboys in 2009, which is this season. The 2009-2010 season has broken the record for the Saints' best season record, but 13-3 can change and the record could become higher. You'll just have to wait until the post-season is over.

What was the Green Bay Packers best season record?

Best Season:1962 (13-1)