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Q: What is the Texas Basketball team that has played the most Basketball games?
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Who has played in the most NCAA basketball games?

David Lighty currently at 155 games.

Which NBA athlete has played in the most basketball games?

# Robert Parish with 1,611 games played over 21 seasons

What state has played the most pro football championship games?


Most common played sport in the US?

Basketball. One of the earliest games invented

Player who has played the most consecutive games in the National Basketball Association?

AC Green

What games are played in Puerto Rico?

basketball, soccer, and baseball are the most commen sports played in puerto rico

Who has played the most mens basketball games in Ohio State history?

Jerry Lucas. Jerry Francis, 133 games.

Who has played the most ncaa basketball games in their career?

Wayne Turner, Kentucky...151 games. Walter Hodge, Florida.......151 games.

What does G mean in basketball stats?

It should stand for the amount of goals that person has scored

What division 1 college basketball player has played in the most games in his career?

Shane Battier for Duke

What is the most overtimes played in high school basketball in Texas?

Kerrville Toby had a 13 overtime game in the early 1980's.

In what building have the most college and NCAA tournament basketball games been played?

Municipal Auditorum in Kansas City