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I believe it was a Slide action pump shotgun ( 20 ga. ) made by J.Stevens for Sears. The one I saw was in 20 ga. but it did not say Ted Williams or Sears on it. The Blue Book of gun Values, says ( 20 ga. 3" chamber,5 shot tube ) ,circa 1910 Stevens Model 200 I have a Ted Williams model 200: 12 gauge shotgun. If you need some information please let me know. The Ted Williams Model 200 pump shotgun was made by Winchester,known as a contract gun, same as Winchester 1200, made in 12 and 20 gauge It is the Winchester 1200. Here is a cross reference chart that is pretty handy.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-11 23:42:02
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Q: What is the Ted Williams Model 200 really?
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