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Q: What is the St. Louis football team?
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What football team did st Louis hav before rams?

St. Louis Football Cardinals

What did the St. Louis cardinal football team used to be?

St. Louis Rams

What is Nelly favorite football team?

St Louis Rams

Where did the St. Louis Rams football team get their name?

Josh Beezley

Who is the team doctor for the St. Louis Blues?

As of 2014, Matthew J. Matava is the head team physician for the St. Louis Blues. He is also the doctor for the St. Louiss Rams football team.

How much is the St. Louis saints football team worth?

millions and millions of dollars. Probably true, because there is no team called the St. Louis Saints. The previous St. Louis team was the Cardinals, now in Arizona, and the current St. Louis team is the Rams, who moved there from Los Angeles

What city and state is the St. Louis Cardinals call home?

If you mean the baseball team, they're in St. Louis MO. If you're referring to the "old" St. Louis Cardinals football team, they moved to Arizona. Previous to being in St. Louis they were in Chicago.

What NFL football team won the 2000 Super Bowl?

St. Louis Rams

What city did the rams football team belong to before St. Louis?

Josh Beezley

Was there ever a Saint Louis football team in 1947?

Not professionally. There were two professional leagues in 1947, the National Football League and the All American Football Conference. Neither league had a team in St. Louis in 1947.

Who owns the St. Louis Rams Football Team?

Chip Rosenbloom, Lucia Rodriguez and E. Stanley Kroenke are the owners of the St. Louis Rams.

What is missouri's state professional sport's team?

In baseball: Kansas City Royals St Louis Cardinals Football: St. Louis Rams Kansas City Chiefs Hockey: St Louis Blues

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