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63-45-2. Based on head to head matchup of teams in conference at the time of the games.

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Q: What is the SEC all time record against the Big 12 Pac 10 Big 10 and ACC?
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What is the Big Ten vs ACC all-time basketball record?

All time record favors the ACC 56-30, after the 2007 challenge. The ACC has won all 9 challenges.

What is the Big Ten vs ACC football record?


What is the record for USC vs. the Big 12?

As of the start of the 2008 season, USC's all time record against teams in the Big 12 is 29-9-2.

What is Alabama's football record against Big Ten teams?

They are 5-3 against Big Ten teams.

Where does Big Time Rush record their songs?

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What is Arkansas Record Against The Big 10?

O and 10

Which team left the big east for the acc?

Boston College and Virginia Tech both left the Big East for the ACC.

Who has won more out of conference games Big Ten vs SEC?

* The SEC leads the Big Ten with a 63-45-2 all-time record.* The SEC has a .582 winning percentage versus the Big Ten.* The SEC holds an 245-114-10 (.678) all-time advantage.Since 1990, the SEC leads the ACC in head-to-head games with a 65-50-2 (.564) record. The SEC leads the Big 12 in all-time head-to-head match-ups with an 17-15-0 (.531) record. Against the Big 12's predecessor (the Big Eight) the SEC had a 43-43-6 (.500) record. The SEC leads the Pac-10 59-36-5 (.615).Since 1990, the SEC leads by a much closer 10-9 (.526).

What is Nebraska's record against Big Ten football teams?

look on colege and type in nebraska and look at record

What conference did Miami play in before joining the ACC?

They were in the Big East from 1991-2003 before moving to the ACC in 2004.

What is the all-time big 10 vs sec football record?

The all-time record between the Big 10 and SEC football is 94-87-7 in favor of the Big 10.

Is Maryland a team in the big east conference?

No they are in the ACC Conference

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