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A California man, Norman Manley has had 59 hole in ones. This is considered the most.

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Q: What is the Record number of Holes in one in golf?
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What is the record for a golfer for holes in one for 18 holes of golf?

The public record is 58. The Japanese Ryo Ishikawa set the world record. He was the young age of 17.

What is the guiness book of world record for Most golf holes played in one day?

AS far as I know it is 407 holes

How many holes in one?

In a standard golf course, there are 18 holes. But some golf courses have 9 or 27.

If you played 2 round of golf how many golf holes did you play?

One round is 18 .. so 18 + 18= 36. ; 36 holes

How many golf courses?

Some golf resort have different golf course, depends on the golf area. In one round there are 9 standard holes.

What does dormie mean?

Dormie is a golf term used in match play to signify that one player's lead is the same as the number of holes left to play (For example, when a player is three holes up with three to play, two holes up with two holes to play, etc.).

How many holes in one has tom Watson had?

The hole in one at the Open Golf was his 14th.

Golf Who holds the record for most eagles in one game of golf?

Jordan Spieth

In which sport does the player with the lowest score win?

Golf is one Sport where the player with the lowest score wins. The player that hits the ball the least amount of time, and holes the ball has the better score.

Why are there 18 holes in a game of golf?

One hole on each 18 Green A professional golfer once told me there is eighteen golf holes because there is eighteen shots in a bottle of Whiskie! Have you heard the 19th hole? It's a bar, why do you think they call it that! The Old Course at St. Andrews Scotland originally had 22 holes. Musselborough had 6. When the Gutty ball became popular, the shorter holes at St. Andrews became too short for the members of the golf club so it was shortened to 18 holes. This became the standard. ANSWER Shots of a certain drink had nothing to do with the number of holes of golf we play. That is a lovely little story that the Scots invented, probably to appease the people who kept asking. Truth of the matter is, a tradition course is 18 holes because St. Andrews is 18 holes and that is where the R&A is located. The number does not mean anything really as there is no rule that a golf course must be 18 holes. As a matter of fact the British Open between 1873-1889 was played on Prestwick which had 12 holes, St. Andrews with 18 and Musselburgh which had only 9 holes. Even to this day one of my favorite courses in Scotland Shiskine has 12 holes.

Who played the Most golf holes in one day?

Ben Berger, Golf Professional Mishawaka Eberhart Petro 2008 - 527 holes 2009 - 600 holes 2010- 612 holes www.he'

What is a disc golf course?

a disc golf course is just like a golf course except instead od holes you have baskets. a disc golf course is just like a ball golf course(18 holes) except most courses are free to play. there are 3000+ disc golf courses in the world, so i don't think you'll have problems finding one.

Where can one play Crazy Golf for free online?

People can play the flash game Crazy Golf of free on the website Mousebreaker or Teagames. The game Crazy Golf is 18 holes of mini golf that one must complete in as few strokes as they can.

What are the odds of making two holes in one in a round of golf?

The answer depends on the course - or the par values for each of the holes - as well as your skills, and luck.

How many miles do you walk when you walk 3 holes of golf?

Less than one.

How many golf courses are found within Tehran?

One course but less than 18 holes

What is the record for the most strokes on one golf hole?


What are the odds of 18 holes in one in a round of golf?

Take the probability to get a hole in one (on the first try), and raise that probability to the 18th power. This is a rough estimate, since some holes are more difficult than others. The probability of getting a hole in one will obviously depend on the skill of the golf player.

Is hole-in-ones spelled correctly?

If you're talking about a hole-in-one in golf, the plural would be holes-in-one.

Why do golf tournaments last 4 days Why not just 1 day?

The reason why golf tournaments last 4 days and not just 1 day is because of the number of holes played. It would be too much to expect the golfer to play that much in only one day.

What is the lowest possible score in a standard round of golf?

An 18 if you shoot all holes in one.

What are some real world examples of whole numbers?

Every golf course has holes that are numbered. Wholly. And you can get a hole-in-one on every hole -just don't say that in front of Tiger Woods! If you are first in line, you are Number One. That's a whole number.

What golf club was an 800 year old bridge leading to one of its 18th holes?

You may be referring to the Swilcan bridge at St. Andrews in Scotland. It is one of the most famous bridges in Golf.

Where can one buy discount golf clubs online?

One can buy discount golf clubs online from a number of retailers. One can purchase them at discount from 'Golf Discount', 'Rock Bottom Golf' and 'Golf Online'.

Why are there 3 golf balls in a sleeve?

Not much of a golfer here, but I am guessing that before eighteen holes are played, one golf ball will be underwater, and another will disappear in the rough.