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The measurement of a Golf hole for a golf course is always 4 1/4 inches.

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Q: Measurement of a golf hole cup in professional golf?
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What is the metal container in a golf hole called?

It is usually called the cup, and it is not always metal.

Does the surface around a golf cup hole have to be level?

No. it do not need to make to level ,and not this is already leveled

Is a golf cup the same thing as a golf tee?

No, a golf cup can be either the plastic insert placed in the bottom of the target hole on the green, or the trophy presented to the winner of a golf tournament. A golf tee is a small wooden or plastic peg used to rest the ball upon when teeing off.

What does the diameter of a golf hole measure in inches?

4.25 inches is the current size of a golf hole

How do you code possessive noun hole in the cup?

The hole in the cup = the cup's hole.

How big is a golf cup?

Four and a quarter inches, is the diameter of a golf hole.

What sport get the ryder cup?

golf sport gets the ryder cup

For which sports is walker cup given?

The Walker Cup is given in Golf.

When was Women's World Cup of Golf created?

Women's World Cup of Golf was created in 2005.

What is a hole in one in golf called?

It's a golf term meaning that one has gotten a ball in the cup in one shot from the tee off. It has been slanged down to many references of getting items into different holes on the first try. Some of which are sexual in nature.

How many meters are there in a cup?

none, meters are a measurement of distance, a cup is a measurement of volume

Is the golf hole tapered to a smaller diameter at the bottom?

The diameter of the "cup" is the same top to bottom. There is, however, a slight beveled edge which makes the ball sit in the middle of the cup making it easier to retrieve by the golfer.