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The Olympic Long jump record for men is 8.90 meters jumped by Bob Beamon.

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Q: What is the Olympic long jump record?
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What is the Olympic record for the long jump?

The Olympic Record for the men's long jump is Bob Beamon's 8.90 jump in the 1968 Olympic games.

What is the mens Olympic long jump record?

Bob Beamon's 1968 jump of 8.90m (29 feet 2.5 inches) is the men's Olympic record for the long jump.

What is the olympic tripple jump record?

olympic triple jump record

Does mike Powell hold the Olympic long jump record?


Who is the olympic record holder in long jump?

Bob Beamon

Who is the current olympic record for the men's long jump?

Mike Powells 8.95meter jump.

What is Olympic record for long jump?

8.90 meters by Bob Beamon of of the United States.

Who is the current men's long jump Olympic record holder?

Bob Beamon, 8.90 meters.

Are there any Irish Olympic record holders?

Pete O'Connor set a record with the long jump and won two Olympic metals. John Treacy set a record time in marathon running.

Who set the new world record for long jump in the Mexico 1968 Olympic games?

Bob Beaman with a jump of 29' -2 1/2"

What is the current Olympic record for Long Jump?

8.90 meters by Bob Beamon.

How many long jump events in modern olympic games?

Long jump has been an Olympic event since the Modern Olympics began in 1896. Men have competed in Olympic long jump since 1896. Women have competed in Olympic long jump since 1948.