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Pistol Pete

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Q: What is the Oklahoma state university's basketball mascot?
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What is the mascot of Oklahoma state?


What is the Oklahoma state collage mascot?


What is the Oklahoma state university mascot?

Cowboys Pistol Pete

What font is used in the Oklahoma state basketball jersey?

The Oklahoma state basketball team nicknamed the Cowboys wear jerseys of black and orange. The font on their jerseys is Arabic.

What year did Oklahoma state get a mascot?

Pistol Pete, the Cowboy's mascot, was first introduced in 1958. His horse Bullet was introduced in 1984.

What is the Michigan state mens basketball mascot?

Sparty the Spartan is Michigan State University's fearless and loveable mascot, a figure known throughout the state of Michigan

Who was the first black basketball player at Oklahoma State?

L.C. Gordon, 1957

Who stopped Kansas basketball's last home win streak?

oklahoma state

Who won back to back men's basketball championships in 1945 and 1946?

Oklahoma A&M, now called Oklahoma State.

Can a college mascot be the same as an NFL mascot?

ummm. yeah... here are some examples. Bowling Green State University Falcons---> Atlanta Falcons. Oklahoma State Cowboys--->Dallas Cowboys. Colorado State Rams---> St. Louis Rams. I could go on, but absolutely you can have the same mascot for NCAA and NFl.

Who were the final four in college basketball in 1995?

UCLA, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and North Carolina.

When did Oklahoma state make it to the finals of ncaa basketball tournament?

Oklahoma State (once known as Oklahoma A&M)made it to the NCAA men's basketball tournament finals (title game) in 1945, 1946 and 1949, winning the first two and losing to Kentucky 46-36 in 1949. All three of these occasions were when the school was still called Oklahoma A&M.

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