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Through Week 10 of the 2008 season, the NFL record for passing yards per game in a career is held by Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals at 259.9. Peyton Manning is second at 258.1 and Dan Marino is third at 253.6.

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Q: What is the NFL all-time per game career passing yardage record?
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Career passing yardage record holder before Favre?

Brett Favre broke the career passing yardage record of Dan Marino. As of the end of the 2007 season, Favre has 61,657 career passing yards. Marino ended his career with 61,361.

Who is the NCAA Division 1A career passing total yardage leader?

Ty Detmer, who played at Brigham Young University between 1988-1991, holds the NCAA Division 1-A career passing yardage record with 15,031.

Who is the cowboys all-time passing leader?

Tony Romo, who was a member of the Dallas Cowboys from 2003 to 2017, holds the team's all-time record for career passing yardage with 34,183 yards.

Who hold total yardage record for division 2 football?

You need to be more specific. Total yardage in a single game? Total yardage in a season? Total yardage in a college career? And is it rushing yardage, passing yardage, kickoff yardage, puntyardage, kickoff-return yardage, punt-return yardage, total return yardage, or total yardage. If it's passing yardage, do you mean as a receiver or as a passer?Of course, I don't know the answer either way, and really, who cares? It's Division II. It could be a million yards, but whoever holds the record can't hold a candle to the average division I-A player. If they could, they would have played in Division I-A, or at least I-B.But if you want anyone to answer this question, you're going to have to be more precise in how you ask it.

Who holds the alltime MLB record for career total bases?

rickey henderson Rickey Henderson

Who holds the record for the most overall career yardage by a ncaa quarterback?

The answer is Timmy Chang from Hawaii with 16,910 yards in a career.

Who holds the Niners record for most passing yards in a season?

The 49ers single season passing yardage record is held by Jeff Garcia who threw for 4,278 yards in 2000.

Which quarterback has the most passing yards on record.?

As of the start of the 2010 season, Brett Favre holds the career passing yardage record with 69,329. As stands at the start of the 2008 season, Damon Allen still holds the record for most passing yards by a Pro Quaterback at 72,381 and retired prior to the 2008 training camps. He broke the record on September 4th, 2006 meaning at the start of the 2007 season Dan Marino did not hold the Pro Quarterback record for most career passing yards, only the NFL record. Also Warren Moon retired with 70,553 career passing yards as a Pro Quarterback, putting him above Dan Marino in all-time Pro career stats.

Which quarterback holds the NFL record for most career passing yards?

Brett Favre holds the record for most career passing yards, with 71,838.

Who holds the record for career passing yards the San Diego Chargers?

Dan Fouts - 43,040 career passing yards.

Which player holds the NFL record for single game yardage in passing rushing and receiving without scoring a touchdown?

Michel Jackson..........??????????????

What NFL quarterback holds the single season passing record for yardage?

Dan Marino has the most passing yards in history with 5,084 in 1984, his second year. This season, Drew Brees came within 15 yards of the record, passing for 5,069 yards.

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