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The match referee in Badminton is called the umpire. There are 8 other linesmen for making line calls.

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2012-06-13 00:44:19
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Q: What is the Match Referee in badminton called?
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What is the umpire responsible for in badminton?

the answer is... it takes over the referees place and when the match is over, he tells the referee to stop the match.

How many umpire are there in badminton?

Just one and it's called a referee.

What is the referee of a sumo match called?


What are the hand signals of a badminton referee?

there are many different hand signals in badminton

How does a referee in badminton carry out his roles?

he dont

Who is the officials in badminton?

Line Judges and Referee

What do badminton umpires do?

The umpire keeps the badminton match going according to schedule. It is the umpire's job to manage the other officials such as line judges. The umpire usually reports to the referee although the referee is not always on the court and may be in charge of several matches at one time. The umpire is required to keep only authorized persons in the immediate surroundings of a match.

What does a game referee do in badminton?

the refee in badminton does absolutely nothing because he or she will be fat and lazy.

How do you be the ref WWE smack down vs raw?

That depends what year of game it is. Some of them have match types called special referee or guest referee. In SVR2010 there is no match where you can be a ref except in the storyline.

Who was the referee in the england-germany world cup match?

It was a stupid blind referee from Uruguay called Jorge Larrondo , who should retire at once.

How to control players in badminton?

if the referee tells the player stop the player should do what the referee says

What equipment does a badminton referee need?

they carry a watch, stopwatch and no Cards

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