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The winner of the 2008 Masters Golf tournament will take home $1.35 million.

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Q: What is the Masters payout?
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How much money is won at the masters golf?

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What is payout schedule for all players at the Masters Golf 2009?

What was the payout for all players at the masters 2010?

7,500,000.00 total purse, 1st place 1,350,000.00

Which PGA event has the highest prize payout?

THE PLAYERS Championship had a Purse of $9,500,000, the Masters had a Purse of $7,000,000.

What is the prize payout for all golfers that make final cut in the masters tournament?

The prize payout for all golfers that make the final cut in the master tournament will vary from year to year. As an example, in 2008, the total prize money was $7,500,000 with $1,350,000 going to the winner.

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