What is the Main metal in a gold medal?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Silver is the main metal in gold metals. In fact Olymic gold metals are over 90% silver.

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Q: What is the Main metal in a gold medal?
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When was Gold Medal in Metal created?

Gold Medal in Metal was created on 2008-08-25.

What is the main metal present in gold?

The main metal present in gold is gold.

What is the main metal in 9 carat gold?


Did the winners win a gold medal in the Olympics?

Yes. if you are asking about metal it actually is gold plated silver.

Why is winning a gold medal a good achievement?

When you win a gold metal it shows that you are the best at the sport in the whole world.

How much 2012 Olympic gold metal each worth?

An Olympic Gold medal is worth 25,000 U.S. Dollars

How much gold is in a gold metal?

Actually, according to statistics, an Olympic "Gold Medal" is actually 90% silver... just another fact.

Where do you get the next metal like silver in pixie hollow?

gold medal thats like obvious

Is sulfur a medal or none medal?

Sulfur is a non-metal. And it is "metal".. not "medal".

Who invented gymnastincs and who won the first gold metal?

Friedrich Jahn invented gymnastics and the first person to get a gold medal was Nadia Comaneci

When did US Olympians start getting cash prizes for gold metal?

They started getting cash for gold metal as soon as they started selling it. Gold prices are up. The cash pprizes goes with the medal. For US is $25000.00

How do you get medal?

it is metal not medal.