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Q: What is the Lifetime playoff record between new jersey devils and New York Rangers?
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Who is better between the Devils and the Rangers?

Honostly the rangers are a much smarter hockey team wich makes them better

Who is better rangers devils?

devils. by far.

Who won more games head to head rangers or devils?

against the devils the rangers are 99-84-15-36 in their history head to head.

Who is better New York Rangers or new jersey devils?

the devils. so far in the 2008-9 season the rangers and devils have met 4 times. the devils lead the season series 3 games to only 1 ranger win. Go DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brouder rocks!!!!!!!!!

How many more Stanley Cups have the New York Rangers won compared to the New Jersey Devils?

1. The New York Rangers have won 4. The New Jersey Devils have won 3.

Who should win the Stanley Cup the New Jersey Devils or the New York Rangers?

The New York Rangers

What did Mexicans call the Texas rangers?

The Mexicans called the Texas Rangers "Los Diablos Tejanos", which means Texan Devils in engllish.

What are some Famous sports Feuds?

The NY Rangers vs.The NJ Devils

Who is binghampton rangers hockey team a farm team for?

For New Jersey Devils

Who is the main rival of the new jersey devils?

The Devils have good rivalries with several teams that play in their region, however their best seems to be with the New York Rangers.

What are the release dates for 2010-11 Regular Season - 2007 Rangers vs- Devils December 12 2008?

2010-11 Regular Season - 2007 Rangers vs- Devils December 12 2008 was released on: USA: December 2008

What are the release dates for 2010-11 Regular Season - 2007 Rangers vs- Devils February 5 2013?

2010-11 Regular Season - 2007 Rangers vs- Devils February 5 2013 was released on: USA: February 2013

What are the Texas Devils?

The Texas Devils were a group of military men that were used to regulate during the War with Mexico. They were original called the Texas Rangers but due to reputation, the Spanish speaking began to call them los demonios de Texas or the Texas Devils.

Are the NY Rangers currently in the NHL playoffs?

Yes currently in the 2012 playoffs they are playing against the devils

What channel is rangers devils hockey game on io tv?

channel 146 on IO in northern new jersey.

Who is New York rangers rival?

i think it is new jersy devils or the washinton capitals or new york ilanders

Who are the New York sport teams?

mets, yankees, giants, jets, knicks, nets, rangers, islanders, devils

What are 10 hockey teams?

Bruins,rangers,Canucks,Blackhawks ,penguins ,devils,islanders,kings,sharks,flyers.

Which player had the most points in an NHL playoff game?

Two players have scored 8 points in one playoff game: * Patrik Sundstrom - New Jersey Devils - April 22, 1988 * Mario Lemieux - Pittsburgh Penguins - April 25, 1989

What is the difference between angels and devils?

There are many differences between angels and devils. The main difference is that angels are good and serve God, however devils are said to be evil and serve Satin, the Devil.

Who is the main charather in that lifetime movie devils diary?

Nikki reed who plays rosalie Cullen in the twilight movies

Is Brendan Shanahan playing with the Rangers 2008-2009 Season?

No, Brendan Shanahan is playing with the Devils in the 2008-2009 season.

Can Tasmanian devils get sick?

Tasmanian devils can certainly get sick. Tasmanian Devils are threatened by a fatal form of cancer called Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) which is transmitted between Tasmanian devils by biting.

Who won the NHL 2011-2012 Eastern conference Finals?

The New Jersey Devils beat the New York Rangers in the 2011-2012 Eastern Conference Finals. The Devils went on to be defeated by the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals.

What are the relationships between Tasmanian devils and plants?