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the job of a forward is to shot that would be the small forward and the power forward would be to shot inside or to create space

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Q: What is the Job of a forward?
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What does a forward do in soccer?

The job of a forward is to score goals.

What is the job of a soccer forward?


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What a Small Forward does is it is a guard and a Shooting Guard!!!!!!!!!!

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the forward job is to score a goal this a football one not the on like step forward and it can mean defenders

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Forward's main job is to score goals. They stay in the oppositions half and rarely defend

What is the main job of the forward in soccer?

The main job of the forward is to drive the counter-attack (with the support of midfielders) and usually to adopt an offensive role, particularly through the scoring of goals.

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To score on the goal. To prevent the advance of the defense.

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in basketball the forward is usually one of the tallest players on a team his or her job is to mostly get the rebounds and get close range shots HOPE THIS HELPS!!!

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