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Acqua di gioia is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "water of joy."

Specifically, the feminine noun acqua means "water." The preposition di means "of." The feminine noun gioia means "joy."

The pronunciation is "AH-kwah dee DJYOH-yah."

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Q: What is the Italian translation of 'water of joy'?
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What is the meaning of the Italian word simpatie?

The direct translation of the Italian word "simpatie" is "affections". It is used to denote feelings, such as love, happiness or joy, as well as negative affections.

What is 'joy' when translated from English to Italian?

"Joy" in English is gioia in Italian.

What is joy in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of JOY: kaligayahan

What is joy of love in Italian?

If you mean joy of love in Italian, you could just go onto google translate and select english to italian and type in Joy of love in and it will pop up in italian, if not i have it right here: Joy of Love >>> Gioia dell'amore good luck (:

What is the Italian translation of the English name 'Gail'?

Gail is the same in English and Italian.Specifically, the name can be a feminine given name or nickname in English. It is a nickname in Italian. The name originates in the Hebrew name Abigayl, which means "father" (ab) and "joy" (gayl).The pronunciation will be "gheyl" in terms of the Italian nickname and "AH-bee-gheyl" in terms of the Italian given name Abigail.

What is the translation for 'strength and honor' in Italian?

The translation for 'strength and honor' in Italian is 'resistenza e honor'.

How do you say colleagues in Italian?

The italian translation is colleghi.

Where can one find Italian translation software?

You can find Italian Translation Software online at Translation Babylon. You can get a free download on this site. You can also find Italian Translation Software on the website - Italian (dot) Dictionaries (dot) Ectaco - who are electronic translators and on the website - Translationsoftware4U - a Systran Software Solutions.

What is the Italian translation for the name Gregory?

Gregory in Italian is Gregorio

What is 'acqua di gioia' when translated from Italian to English?

"Water of joy" is a literal English equivalent of the Italian phrase acqua di gioia. The pronunciation of the feminine singular prepositional phrase is "A-kwa dee DJO-ya" in Italian.

What is the proper spoken translation for your Italian Kitchen femine?

actually the question was, what is the proper spoken translation of "My Italian Kitchen" feminine

What is the English translation of the Italian 'Noemi'?

"Naomi" is an English equivalent of the Italian name Noemi.Specifically, the Italian and the English nouns are feminine proper nouns. They trace their origins back to the ancient Hebrew name ×?ָעֳמִי (No'omi). Its original meaning is "joy" (gioia).The pronunciation is "noh-EH-mee."