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they were named after an Indian meat packing co.

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Q: What is the Green Bay Packers relation to meat packers?
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What was the Green Bay Packers named after?

Meat packers

Why are the packers named the packers?

Because of the meat-packing industry in Green Bay.

Why were the Green Bay Packers called the ACME Packers?

Curly Lambeau founded the Packers and built his team around the ACME meat packing company he worked for.

What does the name packers come from?

The Green Bay Packers name derived from the fact that Green Bay, Wisconsin used ot be a center of the meat packing industry

What are the Green Bay Packers were called?

If this question can be answered, the Packers were orignally called the Indians, for part of the 1919 season after the Indian Meat Packing Company in Green Bay that put up the money for equipment and uniforms. Later in the same season Lambeau (an employee of the meat packing company) called his team the Packers. It has been the Packers ever since.

What did the Green Bay Packers pack?

The team was originally sponsored by a meat packing company.

Why is the Green Bay Team caled Packers?

The Green Bay Packers are called this because their original name was the Acme Packers. Acme being a meat packing plant that sponsored the original team giving them the money needed to get started as a football team. Once Acme went away they changed their team to the Green Bay Packers to honor the town they play in.

Is a packer a cheese packer or a meat packer?

The Packers were named after meat packers, the whole thing with the cheese is just because of Wisconsin.

What is the Indian Packing Company?

The Indian Packing Company was a meat packing company, the employer of Curly Lambeau (one of the original founders of the Green Bay Packers), and the namesake of the Packers. Diane

How did the green bay packer get there name?

Because Wisconsin or green bay in general is known for their meat products. Therfore, the people who pack the meat are known as packers.

Did the packers have another name?

No. They got the name packers from a meat packaging company that donated money to them when the NFL was starting.

What did acme packers pack in the 1920's?


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