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The Union that represents the NFL Players was lead by a former player named Gene Upshaw. A few months ago Gene Upshaw passed away after being diagnosed with cancer only days before his death. The GU is worn on every uniform for every NFL team throughout this season in a tribute to him. His popularity with the NFL players was strained in recent times, but the players seemed to respect his service to the NFL, and obviously mourned his passing. He was an important figure in the advancement of players rights.

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Q: What is the GU on packers jerseys for?
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What colors are the packers jerseys?

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What does the GU patch on NFL jerseys stand for?

Gene Upshaw.

What does GU mean on football jerseys?

GU stands for Gene Upshaw. See :

What does the GU mean on the NFL jerseys this season?

It is for the late Gene Upshaw

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What does the GU stand for on football players jerseys?

Gene Upshaw. He died before the season started.

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What does GU stand for on NFL jerseys?

Gene Upshaw. He was the player union boss before he passed away.

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It stands for Gene Upshaw, president of the NFL Players Association, who died just before the season.

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