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Q: What is the Fewest amount of points Lebron James has Scored in a game against the Houston Rockets?
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Why did the rockets lose?

because LeBron james

Is LeBron James moving to the rockets?

NO. the rockets suck. he's going to the Miami Heat.

Who is the youngest nba player to score 16000 points?

Lebron James, it was Kobe before him. However this is age, not fewest games played.

Who will miss this years final?

The Los Angeles Lakers will lose in a game 7 to the Houston Rockets. The winner of the 2009 NBA Finals will be the Cleveland Cavs in a 6 game series versus the Denver Nuggets. Lebron James will get the MVP for Finals.

Can Dwight Howard guard lebron?

physically yes but he cant Dwight howardis a center and lebron James is an small forward and they have to be matches up like rashard Lewis against lebron James and shaq against Dwight

Did Lebron James ever play against Michael Jordan?


How many rings Lebron James have?

As of now LeBron James has 1 championship ring from the 2012 NBA finals against OKC. Heat won 4-1 against OKC. The date LeBron won this ring was 6/21/12. CONGRATULATIONS Miami Heat! In my opinion this is going to be one of the many rings LeBron will earn.

Is LeBron James the highest scores?

He Scored 56 against Toronto

What teem did Lebron James 1st play against?

Sacramento Kings

Did Lebron James get injured?

the game before they played against the hornets

When did LeBron James get injured?

the game before they played against the hornets

How many 50 pointer games has lebron James had?

Lebron has had 8 50-point games, his last one being against the Sacremento Kings.