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Q: What is the English word for soccer?
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What is the British English word for soccer?

soccer = football "a game of soccer" = "a football match"

What is the Xhosa translation for the English word soccer?


What is the Afrikaans word for 'soccer'?

sokker (where the "r" is not silent as in the English "soccer", but it is pronounced clearly)

What is the Spanish word for soccer?

The Spanish word for "soccer" is "fútbol", which translates to the English word "football", or "fútbol asociación", which translates to "Association football".

How do you say 'Tu aimes soccer' in English?

The English equivalent of the statement 'Tu aimes soccer' is You like soccer*. In the word-by-word translation, the personal pronoun 'tu' means 'you'. The verb 'aimes' means '[you] like, love'. And 'soccer' means 'soccer'. *Le foot.

What is the Dutch 'Totaal voetbal' in English?

'Total soccer' is an English equivalent of 'Totaal voetbal'. But it's not a word actually, it's the title of a soccer magazine.

What is the Italian word 'calcio' in English?

"Soccer" is an English equivalent of the Italian word "calcio."Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is "il" ("the"). The pronunciation is "KAHL-tchyoh."The English loan word "football" also may used to mean "soccer." In such a case, the game of football that is not soccer and that is played in the United States of America is called "il football americano."

What is the spanish word for the English word out?

The word is "fuera." It's what a Spanish speaking referee says when the soccer ball goes out of bounds.

What is 'soccer' when translated from English to Italian?

"Soccer" in English is calcio in Italian.

Who invent soccer?

the English invented soccer

Why is there a word soccer?

its a swere word Soccer is an English nickname for Association Football. They used to call Rugby and Soccer "football" so they distinguished the two with different names and then used the nicknames which stuck in North America. Somehow the word Association got changed to "Soccer" like Rugby and its players were called rugger or ruggers.

What does calcio mean in English?

Calcio is the Italian word for football (soccer). From the Italian verb calciare - to kick.

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