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Valentino is not an F1 racer. F1 is cars. Vale races in MotoGP ( prototype motorcycles ). His email address is not given out to strangers.

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Q: What is the Email address of f1 racer valentino rossi?
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What is valentino rossi's favourite food?

Valentino Rossi's favorite food is pasta. Valentino Rossi is a motorcycle racer. He has won multiple MotoGP World championships.

Highest paid motorcycle racer?

Valentino Rossi

Where did valentino rossi grow up?

Valentino Rossi grew up in Tavullia, Italy. He is a professional motorcycle racer who has won 6 world championships in racing.

Where can you get email of Valentino Rossi?

in motogp

How do you contact Valentino Rossi?

By email.

What is valentino rossis address in Italy?

what is Valentino Rossi pone number?

Is Valentino Rossi great?

Vale is the greatest motorcycle racer that has ever lived!!!!!!!!!!

What is valentino rossi address?

no one exept him knows

What is Valentino Rossi's official fan phone number?

There is currently no official fan phone number for Valentino Rossi. However, you can send him fan mail at his official fan mail address. Fan Mail Address: Valentino Rossi Official Fan Club Valentino Rossi Tavullia Via Cesare Battisti, 5/A 61010, Tavullia (Pu) Italy

When was Valentino Rossi born?

Valentino Rossi was born on February 16, 1979.

What is Valentino Rossi's birthday?

Valentino Rossi was born on February 16, 1979.

What is valentino rossi's birthday?

Valentino Rossi was born on February 16, 1979.

Is Valentino Rossi the greatest motorcycle racer of all time?

without a shadow of a doubt!! the greatest in history and of the now!, awesome!!!!

Who sponsors Valentino Rossi?

Monster Energy Drink is the current sponsor of Valentino Rossi.

What nicknames does Valentino Rossi go by?

Valentino Rossi goes by The doctor (Il dottore).

What is Valentino Rossi's sexual orientation?

Valentino Rossi is straight. He has made no statements or indications otherwise.

Who are the top riders in the MotoGP?

Valentino Rossi is the #1 motorcycle racer in MotoGP & on Earth. Jorge Lorenzo is # 2 Casey Stoner is # 3

How old is Valentino Rossi?

Valentino Rossi is 38 years old (birthdate: February 16, 1979).

Is valentino rossi dating anyone?

Valentino Rossi is a famous Italian motorcycle racer, one of the most successful of history in his specialty. He is the holder of nine Grand Prix World Championships titles. He has being dating Linda Morselli since the year 2012, and there had been rumors of their upcoming wedding this 2014, but he had officially denied such rumors.

Why is Valentino Rossi famous?

Valentino Rossi is famous because he is the best Moto GP rider of all time!

Is Valentino Rossi married?

Valentino Rossi is not married. He is rumored to have a secret girlfriend named Jennifer Scofield who is a doctor.

What music does valentino rossi listen too?

Vasco Rossi!

How many Moto GP World titles has Valentino Rossi won?

valentino rossi has won the world title 84 times

How many 250cc championships has Valentino Rossi won?

Valentino Rossi has won one 250cc Championship, aboard his Aprilia in 1998.

Where does Valentino Rossi live?

in englandValentino Rossi currently lives in London