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In head-to-head play in 2009, the Cubs have 3 wins and the Dodgers have 5 wins.

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Q: What is the Cubs vs Dodgers 2009 record?
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What is the Cubs vs Dodgers 2008 record?

5- 2 Cubs

What is the record of brewers versus cubs in 2009?

Milwaukee was 7-10 in games vs. the Cubs in 2009

What is the record between dodgers vs giants in 2009?

The Dodgers, who captured the National League West title in 2009, won 11 of the 18 games they played against the Giants.

What was the Cubs record vs. the Marlins 2007?

The Cubs were 0-6 vs. the Marlins.

What is the cubs vs pirates 2008 record?

The Cubs were 14-4 vs. the Pirates in 2008.

What was 2009 cubs vs brewers record?

Milwaukee won 7 gamesChicago won 10 games

Diamondbacks vs dodgers all-time record?

Diamondbacks win all time vs the dodgers 109-38

What is the Dodgers win-loss record from 2000 to 2010 vs the padres?

really quick estimate but dodgers vs padres all time win-loss record is 352-319. go dodgers =)

When is the cubs spring training 2009?

The Cubs open 2009 spring training on Feb. 25th VS ( believe it or not) the Dodgers. The last game is on April 4th. Team and location yet TBA. The early start and late end is because of the World Baseball Classic again next year.

Who won the 2009 NLCS Phillies vs Dodgers?

The Phillies beat the Dodgers in the 2009 NLCS 4 games to 1.

What is the brewers record vs the cubs in 2010?

The Cubs won the series nine games to six.

What are the release dates for Sunday Night Baseball - 1990 Chicago Cubs vs- Los Angeles Dodgers 1-3?

Sunday Night Baseball - 1990 Chicago Cubs vs- Los Angeles Dodgers 1-3 was released on: USA: 29 April 1990

What are the release dates for Sunday Night Baseball - 1990 Chicago Cubs vs- Los Angeles Dodgers 13-6?

Sunday Night Baseball - 1990 Chicago Cubs vs- Los Angeles Dodgers 13-6 was released on: USA: 5 May 2002

What is the record in dodgers vs pirates?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are 373-294 vs the Pirates. But throughout the entire history of the Dodgers franchise (Brooklyn and LA), they are 2,123-1,122 (as of January 2013).

What was the Cubs vs Phillies 2008 record?

Phillies had 4 wins and 3 losses over the Cubs in 2008

What is the win loss record for the cardinals vs cubs?

3 - 8

What is Phillies vs Dodgers 2008 Record?

Phillies 8 wins 5 losses Dodgers 5 wins 8 losses

What is the St. Louis Cardinals won loss record vs dodgers?


What is the all time won loss record Cardinals vs Dodgers?


What is the Mets vs Dodgers 2008 record?

The Mets and Dodgers played seven games in the 2008 season with the Mets winning 4 times and the Dodgers winning 3 times.

What is the cubs vs pirates 2010 record?

The Cubs were 5-10 (5 wins, 10 Loses) against the Pirates in 2010 season.

What is Chris carpenters record at dodger stadium vs dodgers?

In 4 regular season games at Dodger Stadium, Carpenter is 2-0 with two no decisions. He lost at Dodger Stadium in the 2009 postseason.

Who won the Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs game on June 18 2009?

The Chicago Cubs beat the Chicago White Sox 6-5 on June 18. 2009. It was a home game for the Cubs.

What is the Mets vs Cubs 2008 record?

The New York Mets won 2 games, and lost 4 against the Chicago Cubs in 2008.

What is the record in dodgers vs giants in 2010?

During the 2010 regular season, the Giants and the Dodgers played 18 games, and the Giants won 10 times.