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Regular season records:

2008: 8-8

2007: 11-5

2006: 14-2

2005: 9-7

2004: 11-5 or 12-4 (not to sure)

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the chargers win-loss record for 2009 was 13-3

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Q: What is the Chargers win loss record for the last 3 years?
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What is the win loss record between the raiders and chargers for the past five years?

I'm not sure but the charges had won the last 13 of 14 until yesterday

Cub won loss record last 10 years?

42 and 178

What is the San Diego Chargers overall win loss records?

The Chargers' regular season all-time record is 363-368-11 (their playoff record is 10-15.)

Oakland Raiders win loss record last ten years?

69-158 .436

When was the last time the chargers won the super bowl?

The Chargers have never won the Superbowl.

What is the San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys overall win-loss record?

3-3 they lost to Oakland twice and Kansas city once and beat Denver twice and Kansas city once

Chicago Cubs win-loss record 1966?

The Cubs finished last in the National League in 1966 with a record of 59-103.

What was San Diego Chargers win-loss record 2007?

After a mediocre 5-5 start, the San Diego Chargers finished with a six-game winning streak to win the AFC West with a 2007 regular season record of 11-5. They advanced to the AFC championship game in the playoffs, where they were defeated by the New England Patriots by a score of 21-12.

Best win loss record in MLB last 15 years?

Seattle Mariners 2001 116-46 (regular season) or 1998 Yankees 125-50 including playoffs.

Oakland Raiders win loss record last 5 years?

Division record is hard to answer because some teams changed Seattle's case, they even changed conferences more than once. But, they have been 176W - 141L - 6T against common division (AFC/AFL West) opponents since 1960. Denver Broncos 1960 53 36 2 .582 Kansas City Chiefs 1960 42 47 2 .462 Seattle Seahawks 1977 27 22 0 .551 San Diego Chargers 1960 54 36 2 .587

What is TCU football home record last ten years?

Between 2001-2010, 51-7. TCU has won 20 straight home games ... their last loss at home was October 18, 2007 against Utah.

What is the win-loss record of the Kentucky Wildcats vs Tennessee Volunteers?

50 years