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Fort Worth OD Wyatt - 1998 - 39.76 seconds.

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20.? Bryshon Nelloms

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4 mins.

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Q: What is the California high school track record in the 100m and 200m?
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How tall do you have to be to be in track and field?

There are no actual limits. Usain Bolt is the world record holder in the 100m. He is 6'5. Trindon Holliday was the NCAA champion in the 100m. He is 5'5.

Who broke the men's 100m world record in track and field athletics in the 2008 beijing olympics?

Usain bolt!!

Who holds the world record for 100m long track speed skating for women?

Unfortunately women do not compete in the 100m race.10.9 is the official World record for non-electronic timing.10.49 with 0.0 wind is the official with electronic timing.

What is the perimeter of a running track?

A running track that has 2*100m straights and 2* 100m bends is 460.1m

Who is the new zealand 100m record holder?

David Ambler - 100m record of 10.41s

What is the PA high school record for the 100 meter dash?

Boy's 100m PIAA is 10.58

When did paul Nash of south Africa equil the 100m record?

Paul Nash 100m record was in 1968

What is the world record for the women's 100m breaststroke?

Kristy Coventry from Zimbabwe rewrote the world record for the women's 100m breastroke, and the record is 58.77 seconds.

What is the length of an athletics track straight?


What is the length of the two straight parts of the track?

On a 400m track, each straight length is 100m, as well as each curve is 100m, totaling 400.

How long is short distance track for middle school kids?

In middle school track and field there are ONLY 4 races:Sprints:100m (strait line and 1/4 of the track)200m (half the track and around a curve)distance:800m (2 laps)1500m (3 and 3/4 laps)

What did Florence Griffiths-Joyner accomplish?

Olympic Track star, I believe she had the record in 100 yd dash for a while.