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they scored 9 goals in one period against the Toronto maple leafs in 1981. This actually stands as the most goals scored in a single period by any teAM AS well.

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Q: What is the Buffalo Sabres record for goals in one period?
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What is the buffalo sabres record for most goals in one game?

10 goals against the Edmonton oilers 2008-2009 season after the trade deadline Untrue: March 19 1981 Buffalo 14 Toronto 4

What is the Fastest 2 goals by one person?

Nathan Gerbe, Buffalo Sabres 2010-2011 season, 2 goals in 5 seconds

Who was the last buffalo sabres defensemen to score three goals in one game?

Phil Housley was the last Buffalo Sabres defenseman to score a hat trick (three goals in one game). That occurred on January 22, 1988. Since then many have scored 2 goals in one game, but nobody has reached 3.

Who was the last buffalo Sabre to score 45 goals?

In 1992-93, both Pat Lafontaine (54) and Alexander Mogilny (76) scored more then 45 goals for the Sabres.

What team in the nhl scored the fastest 3 goals to begin the game?

The Buffalo Sabres did it in 2 minutes and 11 seconds against the Tampa Bay Lightning on January 8, 2010.

Who is leading the nhl in goals for the 08-09 season?

As of January 7, 2009, Jeff Carter (Philadelphia Flyers), Thomas Vanek (Buffalo Sabres), and Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) are tied for the league lead with 27 goals each.

What is the highest score in a single period in NHL history?

The most goals by one team in a period happened on Mar. 19, 1981 when Buffalo scored 9 goals against Toronto. Most goals by both teams in a period happened twice. A total of 12 goals was scored on Mar. 19, 1981 when Buffalo scored 9 and Toronto had 3. Also on Dec. 11, 1985, when Edmonton scored 6 and Chicago scored 6.

Most goals scored by one team in one period of hockey?

7 - Joe Malone, Quebec, January 31, 1920, at Quebec is the most in NHL history. Joe Malone, was the greatest scorer in the early history of the NHL, Malone began playing professional hockey in 1909. He became captain and coach of the Quebec Bulldogs in 1911 and promptly led them to two consecutive Stanley Cup championships. He scored 9 goals in one of the 1913 playoff games. After the Quebec team folded, Malone joined the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL's first season, 1917-18. He scored 5 goals in their first game and ended the season with 44 goals in 20 games. The Quebec franchise resumed play in 1919 and Malone returned to the team. On January 31, 1920, he scored 7 goals in a game, still the NHL record, and he had 6 goals in the last game of the season. He led the league for the second time with 48 points on 39 goals and 9 assists. Malone returned to Montreal for one season, went to Hamilton, Ontario, for another, then played with Montreal again in 1922-23. He retired after just nine games the following season. He played 125 regular season games in the NHL, scoring 146 goals, with 21 assists. In 9 NHL playoff games, he had 5 goals.

What is the nhl record for most goals ever?

15 goals

Who scored the most goals in the NHL so far this season?

As of today, Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009, Dany Heatly of the Sharks has 18 goals, followed closely by Ovechkin and Gaborik with 16 each. Answers to questions such as these can be easily found by checking the NHL website at , or any good hockey site.

Who held the record for most goals scored in World Cup appearances before Renaldo?

The record for the most goals before Ronaldo was the German Gert Muller with 14 goals.

What is the record for goals by a Carolina Hurricanes defenseman?

The all-time Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes franchise record for goals by a defenseman is held by Glen Wesley and Mark Howe, each having scored 51 goals. Howe scored all of his goals as a member of the Whalers. The Hurricanes record for goals by a defenseman is 38 by Sean Hill.