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the NBA

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Q: What is the Basketball league that the Denver Nuggets are in?
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What is the concept of basketball?

Basketball is cool Denver nuggets are the best

What is the name of the Denver basketball team?


What is the Name of Denver basketball team?


Is the Denver basketball team from the west?

Yes the denver Nuggets are in West

What is the name of the Denver Nuggets Basketball Arena?

it is called Denver Stop Them

Who won the nuggets vs hornets basketball game?

The Denver Nuggets won.

What is the basketball team for the state Coloroda?

denver nuggets

The nuggets basketball team is from what city?

Denver, Colorado

What is a main basketball team in Colorado?

Denver nuggets

Is the nuggets a basketball team name?

Yes and they are from Denver.

Sport teams in Colorado?

The Denver Nuggets in NBA Basketball.

Who is the best basketball player on the Denver nuggets?

carmelo Anthony

Who is the best point guard on the New Orleans Hornets and the Denver Nuggets basketball team?

On the New Orleans Hornets, Chris Paul. On the Denver Nuggets, Chauncey Billups.

Why are the Denver nuggets called the nuggets?

Because gold nuggets were found in Denver

What famous basketball player name was Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony. He plays in Denver Nuggets.

What is the name of the coach of the Denver nuggets?

George Matthew Karl (born May 12, 1951) is a former National Basketball Association (NBA) and American Basketball Association (ABA) player. He is the current head coach of the Denver Nuggets.

What is Denver nuggets record?

What is denver nuggets record 2011

When was Denver Nuggets created?

Denver Nuggets was created in 1967.

Why are the Nuggets called the Nuggets?

The team originates from the ABA in 1967, they were first called the Denver Rockets. In 1975 they were renamed by the owner after another team. In 1949-1950 there was an NBA team called the Denver Nuggets, they lasted one year. The owner of the then Denver ROckets renamed the team the Nuggets to honor Denver's first pro basketball team.

What is the average home attendance for the Denver Nuggets?

The average home game attendance for the Denver Nuggets during the 2007 - 2008 season was 17,364 fans (17th in the league).

What is a famous athlete's last name beginning with I?

Allen Iverson (Basketball player for Denver Nuggets)

How did Denver Nuggets get its name?

The Denver Nuggets got it's name because in Colorado, people would pan for gold nuggets, hence the name Denver Nuggets

What is the Denver Nuggets' email Address?


How many champianchips do the Denver nuggets have?

The Denver Nuggets Franchise do not have Championship yet.

Who is chauncey billups?

he is the point guard for the Denver Nuggets he played for the pistons but then for some reason they traded him(really good trade or best trade ever made!!)so now he plays for the nuggets He is now the basketball point guard for the DENVER NUGGETS