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Q: What is the Baltimore Orioles winning percentage against the New York Yankees in New York?
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How many games did the Baltimore Orioles win against the New York Yankees in 2012?

During the 2012 regular season, the Baltimore Orioles had a 9-9 record versus the Yankees.

How many games have the Baltimore Orioles won against the New York Yankees?

Through the 2012 season the record between the teams is 1257-857 in favor of the Yankees. That leaves the Orioles 857 wins against the Yankees. Sports Media 101

Which team has the worst record against the New York Yankees?

The team with the worst win percentage against the Yankees is the Astros (.111). They are 1-8 all time against NY. The team with the most losses against New York is Baltimore. The Orioles have a record of 843-1241 all time against New York.

What was the first year the New York Yankees played baseball?

The American League New York franchise began play in 1903 after the team from Baltimore relocated there. They were known as the Highlanders and played at a park built in the Washington Heights section of Manhatten.

When was the last game in the old Yankee Stadium?

The last game at the old Yankee Stadium was played on September 21, 2008 against the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees won 7-3.

Who won yesterday's baltimore orioles game?

The Orioles won the game against the Cardinals yesterday 12 to 2.

Who did Baltimore Orioles play the three world series they won against?


When did the New York Yankees first play the Boston Red Sox?

The first game between the two teams was in 1901 when the Baltimore Orioles, later to be known as the Yankees, faced off against the Boston Red Stockings, later to be known as the Red Sox.

Who recorded the last save at the old Yankee Stadium?

Mariano Rivera recorded the last save at the old Yankee Stadium on September 19, 2008. It was a 3-2 Yankees win against the Baltimore Orioles.

How many home runs has David Ortiz hit against the Baltimore Orioles?


When was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates won a world series?

1979 against the Baltimore Orioles

What is the New York Yankees won lost record against Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2008?

The New York Yankees won 11 games and lost 7 against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees .611 winning percentage was the best aagaints all other American league teams they played except the Orioles who they also had a record of 11-7 against.. The Yankees scored 76 runs, and the Rays 75.