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Argentina 4-1 Korea Republic.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-20 07:57:58
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Q: What is the Argentina v South Korea score in world cup 2010?
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Who are theTeams of group B of 2010 world cup?

Argentina, South Korea, Greece, Nigeria

Who are Greece playing in the World Cup?

1. Argentina 2. Nigeria 3. South Korea

How many goals did Argentina score in the group stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Argentina scored 7 goals in the group stage of the 2010 World Cup. They scored 1 against Nigeria, 4 against South Korea and 2 against Greece.

What is the highest score in A FIFA World Cup GAME?

It was between Hungry and South Korea the score ended 9-0.

Who are quarter finalists of 2002 world cup?

They were Brazil, South Korea, Turkey , Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal Argentina.

Where in this world is Argentina?

Argentina is in South America.

Is nigera playing ing world cup 2010?

Yes it is. Nigeria is in Group B, alongside Argentina, South Korea and Greece.

Which 1st team did Argentina play against in 2010 world cup and what is the score?

Argentina played against Nigeria. The score was 1:0 in favor of Argentina.

What region of the world is Argentina in?

Argentina is in South America.

What countries were in the world cup 2010?

There were 32 countries, mainly Spain, Uruguay, Portugal, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, South Africa, Nigeria, South Korea, North Korea, Japan Germany, Italy, France.

What 16 countries were qualifeid for the world cup in 1966?

England , Argentina, West Germany, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, North Korea , , South Korea, Holland, France, Poland, Russia.

Best Asian soccer player?

with other close Asian cup coutries South Korea is the best Soccer team in Asia. I think most of the people like the South Korea player named Cha-Duri. In the South African world cup South Korea played like this. Argentina vs South Korea 5:1 Greece vs South Korea 2:0 Nirgeria vs South Korea 2:2 South Korea won on the peanlty kicks Urugay vs South Korea 3:2 It was sad that they didn't went to other countries

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