What is the 5th round of the F1 World Championship 2011?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What is the 5th round of the F1 World Championship 2011?
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What is the 5th round of the F1 World Championship 2010?


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First round: 1st seed BYE 2nd v 3rd Seed (Winner will be in Championship game) 4th v. 5th seed Second Round 1st seed will play the winner of 4th v 5th seed. (Winner will be in Championship Game) Championship Game: Winner of 2v3 from first round VS Winner of only Second Round game.

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Where did Lewis Hamilton clinch the formula one world championship this year?

The F1 world drivers title for the year 2008 was won byMcLaren's Lewis Hamilton during the last round of the 2008 season held in Brazil's Interlagos circuit. He scored a total of 98 points and beat Ferraris Felipe Massa by one point who scored 97 points. Lewis had to finish 5th or higher to win the title. During the last lap, he passed Timo Glock of Toyota to gain the 5th position and subsequently win the 2008 drivers championship.

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