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Q: What is the 37th state and home of the Cornhuskers?
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Related questions

Which state is known as the cornhusker state?

The Cornhusker state is Nebraska, home of the cornhuskers!

What state is north of the cornhuskers state?

The Cornhuskers state is Nebraska. South Dakota is the state to the north of Nebraska.

What was the 37th state of the US?

Nebraska was the 37th state admitted to the Union.

Was Colorado or Nebraska the 37th state?

Nebraska became the 37th US State.

Was Virginia the 37th state?

Virginia was the 10th state to join the United States; Nebraska was the 37th state.

Was Colorado and Nebraska the 37th state?

Nebraska was. Tt was admitted as the 37th state in 1867.

What is Nebraskas nickname?

The Cornhuskers State, The Tree Planters' State.

Was Colorado the 37th state?

no, Nebraska was the 37th, Colorado was the 38th.

Which state are people nicknamed Cornhuskers?


Is Georgia the 37th biggest state in the us?

No. Georgia is the 24th largest state. Kentucky is the 37th largest.

What college is the home of the cornhuskers?

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

What numbered state is Nebraska?

It is the 37th state in the Union.

What is Colorado close to?

The Land of Enchantment, Beehive State, Cowboy State. Cornhuskers State, Sunflower State.

Why is Nebraska called the cornhuskers state?

Because it is noted for the corn grown there.

What was the 37th state admitted?


What number state was Nebraska to be added to the US?

37th State.

Memorial stadium in Lawrence KS?

The Sea Of Red is home to the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

What is Nebraska's nicknames?

The Cornhuskers although it was once called the Tree Planters State.

What was the 37Th state to join the union?


Who are the Cornhuskers arch rivals?

Oklahoma Sooners, Kansas State Wildcats, and Kansas Jayhawks

What state was admitted into the union as the 37th state?


Memorial stadium famous for the sea of red is home to which school?

University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The Cornhuskers.

Which US state became the 37th?

Nebraska was admitted into the Union on March 1, 1867 becoming the 37th state to join the Union.

What is Kentuckys rank in size?

It is the 37th largest US State.

What university in Nebraska is nicknamed cornhuskers?

The University of Nebraska in Lincoln is nicknamed the cornhuskers.