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dart board and darts

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Q: What is the 2 basic equipment in playing darts?
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What are the basic equipment in playing soccer?

2 goals and a soccer ball.EASY

What do you do to play darts with the 2 guys on poptropica?

You play darts with them.

How could you score 100 with 3 darts?

You need only 2 darts: T-20, D-20.

What two combinations in darts if score is 91 to win 501 game with two darts?

Impossible as maximum score with 2 darts is 120! T17-D20 and T19-D17

What is the lowest you cant finish with 2 darts?


Anyone interested playing Darts live internationally for free Thing's you will need in order to play 1 Computer 2 Internet access 3 Web camera with microphone?

People can play darts live internationally online for free. They can set up a web camera and microphone to play darts with anyone around the world.

What equipment did a US marine in World War 2 have?

The Marines carried similar equipment to the U.S. Army. The same basic weapons and vehicles.the uniforms were different though.

How do you switch equipment on Star Wars Battlefront 2?

if you are playing on ps2 you will press r2 or l2

What are the equipment of playing bad minton?

At least 2 badminton rackets, a badminton net, a few shuttlecocks, 2 to 4 players.

What equipment do you use to decorate a Christmas tree?

1. ornaments (any kind) 2. Christmas tinsel garland 3. Christmas lights this is the basic equipment you use to decorate a chrismas tree

How many times has Phil Taylor won the World Championship of Darts?

world championship 2 world masters 1 world darts trophy 1

Who is Helen Chamberlains boyfriend?

James Wade, the world's no.2 darts player.

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