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The 20Xi logo on the Tiger Woods hat is for Golf balls. It is the logo for Nike 20XI Golf Balls.

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its the nike one golf balls

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Q: What is the 20Xi logo on Tiger Woods hat?
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What does the 20xi symbol on tiger woods hat mean?

Last year

What is the V r logo on Tiger Woods hat?

Victory Red. Nike product

What is the logo on the right side of Tiger Woods hat?

Its a NIKE Golf Ball: ONE

What is the logo on the left side of Tiger Woods hat?

The logo on the left side of Tiger Wood's hat (2009 season) is the Nike Golf Victory Red Golf Club logo.

What is irzn on right side of tiger woods hat?

It's a logo for Nike's RZN golf balls

What is the white symbol on Tiger Woods' cap?

There are four logos and Tiger Woods' hat. On the front there is the TW logo, which is obviously his Tiger Woods logo. Above the left ear there is a VR logo which looks like a V, this stands for Victory Red, which is the type of iron Tiger uses. Above his right ear there is a 'ONE' logo which stands for Nike One which is the type of ball that Tiger uses. On the back there is the Nike Swoosh logo.

What is Tiger Woods favorite logo?

Probably his own TW logo which is on the front of his hat, it obviously stands for Tiger Woods. Apart from that, his next favourite would probably be the Nike Swoosh logo, he has been sponsored by Nike for 14 years now.

What is cartoon logo on tiger woods hat?

It's his initials: the T is on top and the W is on bottom. hope this helped(:

What was the new logo on tiger woods hat on Jan 26 2011?

It looks like it was a 20XI, standing for 2011, I'm guessing he is saying its kind of like a rebirth for his career with a new swing coach for the entire year, and for the first time he took an off season and he said it has helped clear his mind.

What logos are on Tiger Woods hat?

In the middle there is his logo, the TW. Above his left ear there is the logo of the irons he uses, the Nike Victory Red. Above his right ear is the ball he uses, the Nike One and there is also the Nike swoosh logo at the back of his hat.

What is tiger woods signed hat worth?


What does the V stand for on Tiger Woods Cap?

It is the logo for the new Nike irons he uses. The V logo consists of a v and an r which stands for ' Victory Red'.

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