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19.30 seconds

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Q: What is the 200 meter world record sprint time for men?
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What is the world junior 100 meter sprint record time?


What is the world record time for the womens 100 meter sprint?

Florence Griffith-Joyner 10.49.

Womens 300 meter sprint world record holder?

The world record holder for a woman is a Mexican girl named Ana Guevara with a time of 35.30 seconds.

What is the womens world record for the 200 meter sprint?

the world record was set by Florence Griffith Joyner of the U.S in Seoul, South Korea on 9/29/88 with a time of 21.34 seconds

World record for the 100 meter sprint?

Berlin 2009, Usain Bolt the Jamaican 100 & 200 metre sprinter set a new World record for the 100 metres in a time of 9.58

Fastest time to do a 200m sprint?

The world record is 19.30s.

Who can beat Asafa Powell?

Asafa continues to be very competitive in the sprint 100 meter dash. He held the world leading time in 2010 and is the former world record holder.

What is the record for the male 100 meater sprint?

the time for the world record 100m sprint is 9.58 seconds archived by Usain Bolt of Jamaica

1600 meter world record?

The world record holder for the 1600 meter dash is Hicham El Guerrouj with a time of 3:43.13.

2009 100m sprint world record holder?

Usain Bolt with a time of 9.58s.

What time made bolt fastest man in the world?

the time usain bolt the fastest man in the world was 9.58 seconds in the 100 meter sprint

200 meter world record?

The current men's record holder in the 200 meter race is Usain Bolt with a time of 19.19 seconds. The current women's world record holder is Florence Griffith with a time of 21.34 seconds.

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