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Q: What is the 1963 roster for the men's championship basketball team loyola-chicago?
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When did loyola win ncaa basketball championship?

In 1963

Who were the NCAA basketball champions in 1963?

Loyola of Chicago defeated the University of Cincinnati, 60-58, in the finals to win the 1963 NCAA Division I basketball championship.

Where can you find the roster for the 1963 University of Delaware football team?

Click on the '1963 Delaware football roster' link below to see the roster for the 1963 Blue Hens.

What is Baltimore's basketball team?

The Baltimore bullets who won the championship in 1946 and then in 1963 they became washingtons team

What are the release dates for 1963 NFL Championship Game - 1963 TV?

1963 NFL Championship Game - 1963 TV was released on: USA: 29 December 1963

Who was on the 1963 Chicago Bears roster?

Click on the '1963 Chicago Bears' link below to see the roster of the '63 Bears along with stats and games played.

When was WWE Championship created?

WWE Championship was created in 1963.

Who won the NASCAR championship in 1963?

Joe Weatherly won the Nascar Grand National Series championship in 1963.

Have the chargers ever won a championship?

they have won one championship back in 1963

When did Southern German football championship end?

Southern German football championship ended in 1963.

When was Scottish Men's Curling Championship created?

Scottish Men's Curling Championship was created in 1963.

Which WWE Superstar has held a world championship the longest?

Bruno Sammartino has held the WWE Championship the longest, a whooping 2803 days (first reign) from May 17th, 1963 to January 18th, 1971!John Cena has the longest reign for the current WWE Roster with 380 days for his third WWE Championship reign between September 17,2006 and October 2,2007.

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