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It's the Kentucky Derby. The race course is in Louisville, Kentucky

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Q: What is theFamous horse race run at the churchill downs?
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Which famous horse race happens at churchill downs?

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse race that is held at Churchill Downs. The Breeders cup is another large race that has been held there.

What time zone is churchill downs?

The Churchill Downs horse race track is in Louisville, Kentucky which is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Which famous horse race is run at Churchill Downs?

One would be the Kentucky Derby.

Where did the oldest Kentucky Derby to place?

The Kentucky Derby is run in Churchill Downs. The first race was in 1875, won by a horse named Aristides. The Kentucky Derby has always been run at Churchill Downs.

What state has the most famous horse race?

i would say probably the Kentucky derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky

Does h hargrove have a painting of a race at churchill downs?

yes i have it.

What does Churchill Downs mean?

its a race track or a place in a kentucky.

What is official sister race to KY derby?

Churchill Downs

Where is the Kentucky Derby race track located?

The Kentucky Derby is run at Churchill Downs located in Louisville, Kentucky. The address of Churchill Downs is: Churchill Downs 700 Central Ave. Louisville, KY 40208

What race track is home to the Kentucky Derby?

It is Churchill Downs in Louisville.

Which state hosts the most famous horse race?

Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is run the 1st Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Did the horse Eight Bells get destroyed?

Yes. Eight Belles broke both front legs, and was destroyed, or euthanized, on the track at Churchill Downs just after the race.

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