What is tee time?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A tee time is the time designated to a group of players of when they should hit their opening tee shot. In some competitions if you miss this, you will be disqualified. It is often not too closely patrolled at many Golf Clubs but where there is a starter they may be quite strict.

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A tee shot in its simplest form is the first shot on every hole in a round of golf. It is where a stroke is played from the designated teeing area, as defined by two tee markers. Where the two tee markers are placed a player must tee the ball in between them and they have the option of going up to two club lengths behind them, but never in front of them. A tee does not have to be used.

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Q: What is tee time?
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Phone the pro shop of the Golf course you want to play. They will ask you what time you would ideally like and then give you a few alternatives. At some Golf courses you can phone up and book a tee time in an hours time, but others like St Andrews, the waiting list for a tee time is 18 months.

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