What is surf league?

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A group of surfers, that practice Surfing for competitions...

And, It's like a Swim League and a Basketball League and a

Baseball League and so on... Hope that helped!

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Q: What is surf league?
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How can you get to Pokemon league in pearl?

beat volkner surf north get through victory road then you'll be at the Pokemon league but you need rock smash rock climb surf and waterfall!

Where do you find the league in Pokemon platinum?

First you have to have surf and waterfall. then surf from sunnyshore city and get through victory road and your there.

How do you go farther than the Pokemon league in Pokemon pearl?

surf around the pokemon league

How do you get the move surf on Pokemon White?

when your heading to iccirus city, youl'l run into the pokemon league champion and he'l give you surf

How do you get to the elete four?

go in sunnyshore city surf through route223 an walk through th Pokemon league cave and surf up the waterfall.

Pokemon Pearl version where is the Pokemon League?

Surf North on the beach of Sunnyshore.

Pokémon plainum virsion how do you get to the Pokémon league?

You have to use Surf at the north of Sunyshore City.

What HM moves would you need to get to the Pokemon league in fire red?

Strength and Surf.

How is the hm surf in Pokemon Pearl?

what do you mean by how is? but surf lets you ride on a water Pokemon in the water. You will also need it to get to the Pokemon league and you get the move surf from the elder of celestic town and you can use it outside of battle when you beat the hearthome gym leader.

What are the new places you can visit after getting surf in Diamond and Pearl?

After getting surf, you can got to Canalave City, Pal Park, Pokemon League, and the caves in the centers of the three lakes

Do you need to surf all the way from sunnyshore city to the Pokemon league?

Simple answer is yes you need to Surf from Sunyshore to Victory Road. There is no other way to get there unless you've already visited (You can fly there then)

How do you get to the Pokemon league in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Surf on the river in New Bark Town. The road's pretty straightforward from there.

Where are the luvsdic Pokemon located?

right before you get to the Pokemon league on safire, ruby, or emerald you surf or fish and you will get one

Where is Pokemon league in Pokemon Gold?

The Pokémon league and Victory Road are both located to the right of your hometown. once you have surf and waterfall, (waterfall is found in the cave with the ice sliding puzzles) use surf on the lake to the right of your house. then go into the cave a bit to your right. the rest should be self explanatory.

Which city is Pokemon league in?

in ever grand city.When you defeat the last gym Wallace will give you waterfall and then you must surf to route 128 and then use waterfall.Then enter the cave to the Pokemon league and when you complete the cave you will be at the Pokemon league

What ends with f?


How do you get to the Pokemon league in Pokemon soul silver?

you have to first get the 8 badges then you go to new bark town and surf from there. there you will follow the path which eventually will lead to the Pokemon league.

What part of speech is the word surf?

Surf is a noun (the surf) and a verb (to surf).

Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Pearl?

Beat the Pokemon league, then go to Pal Park. You must have a Pokemon that knows Surf.

How do you get a surf board on Pokemon white?

There is no Surf board... To surf just learn a Pokémon Surf and surf over water.

Where do you get a Togepi on Pokemon diamond?

go to route 230, use Surf en surf to the island in the middle of the route. walk in to the grass and use your pokéradar (you can only get a pokéradar if you have beaten the champion of the Pokemon league). be patient, you have to be lucky.

Surf the net or surf ON the net?

Surf the net

How do you get to the Pokemon league on Pokemon Pearl version?

Go to sunyshore city, then go up in the water (make sure you got surf and waterfall) to swim and to go up the waterfall to The Pokemon League then you will reach a Pokemon league cave past it and then go to the Pokemon league heal your Pokemon and fight

Where might one learn how to surf?

One can learn how to surf from websites like About, Away, Lajolla Surf, Surfing Waves, Learn to Surf, wikiHow, Surf Science, New Quay Surfer, Surf Noosa and Dano Surf.

How You can get in Pokémon League in Pokémon Crystal?

you get the johto badges than you surf west of new bark and make your way to victory road.