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Q: What is steven gerrards favorite film?
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What is steven gerrards favorite band?

rolling stones

How much is Steven Gerrards' salary in pounds?

Steven Gerrards salary is roughly 1,25,000 pounds a week.

Which school do steven gerrards children go to?

Steven Gerrards daughters attend Merchant Taylor's Girls Independent School in Crosby, Merseyside

What is Steven Gerrards midde name?

Steven George Gerrard

What is steven gerrards middle name?

Steven George Gerrard.

Who is Steven gerrads godaughter?

steven gerrards godaughter is abbie byrne from huyton

What is steven gerrards full name?

Steven George Gerrard

Who is steven gerrards uncle?

Steven Gerrard's uncle is called Les Byrne

How many rooms does Steven Gerrard have?

how many rooms in steven gerrards house

Who is steven gerrards wife?

Alex Curran

How old is steven gerrards brother?


Who is steven gerrards idol?

Daglish , Scholes

What coulor is steven Gerrards eyes?


What is steven gerrards favourite colour?


What is steven gerrards mobile number?


What is Steven Gerrards daughters name?


What is Steven Gerrards Mom called?


What are the name of steven gerrards mom?


Who is steven gerrards biggest fan?

probably me!

What number does Steven Gerrard wore for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrards shirt number is 8

What date is steven gerrards birthday?

Steven Gerrard is born on 30/5/1980.

What is steven gerrards mum called?

Julie Ann

What is steven gerrards fan mail?

What is steven gerrards wife called?

Alex Curran

Steven gerrards parents?

Paul and Julie Gerrard