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Q: What is sterilize irons in a golf bag called?
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What irons did ben hogan have in his golf bag?

hogan personals

A golfer will usually have more of these clubs than any other in their golf bag?

Irons. Typically a golfer will have 2 or 3 drivers, 1 putter and 10 irons in their bag.

What is the difference between a regular golf bag and a left-handed golf bag?

A left handed golf bag is set up so you could pick the bag up with your left hand,,,,,,,while having the bag on your back the irons will be aiming out the left handed side of the bag as walking down the fairway.........

What golf clubs are in the golf bag?

DriverTwo woods and/or two rescues (optional)Irons ranging normally from three to the sand wedgeOne or two lob wedgesPutter

Where do the woods go in the golf bag?

Anywhere you want really, but usually at the top of the bag so you have easy access to them, and so that the irons don't clatter off them and damage them.

What is the name of the golf bag?

Golf Bag

What are the items to play golf?

Golf clubs (driver, putter, irons, etc), golf balls, bag for clubs, comfortable closed toed shoes, nice-ish clothes (ex: khaki shorts and a polo), and tees and a golf cart if preferred

What does an iron do in golf?

An iron is very important in the game of golf. when you hit a iron you have better control over the club than a wood. Golf compines have come out with a mix of a iron and a wood called a hybrid. This club is alot easier to hit a wood. So take yourlong irons out of the bag and buy some hybrids.

What is the difference between a stand golf bag and a cart golf bag?

A standard bag is designed to be carried by a caddie,a cart bag is designed for use with a golf cart.

What are the different compartments in a golf bag for?

The different compartments in your golf bag are for your golf ball's, tee's and miscellaneous.

How many golf balls fit in a golf bag?

it depends on the size of the bag

What is the difference between a disc golf bag and a regular golf bag?

A disc golf bag is designed to carry discs around. Sports such as Frisbee and discus throwing. A regular golf bag is designed to carry golf balls and clubs around.

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