What is sports turf?

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sports turf is fake grass. used in football a lot. its more comfortable.

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Q: What is sports turf?
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What is a grass on which sports like baseball are played and starts with tur?


When was Sports Turf Manager of the Year Awards created?

Sports Turf Manager of the Year Awards was created in 2011.

What is turf used for?

Turf is used for a range of purposes. From lawns and gardens to sports pitches.

Who is the market leader in artificial turf?

In the 2002 artificial turf segment, Field Turf/SRI Sports had 80 percent of the market.

What is a turf field called?

a sports turf field can be an oval or pitch, in the farming context could be a paddock

What sports are artificial turf used for?


What sports can be played on a turf field?

Soccer and Football

How does topdressing sports pitches contribute to the quality of the turf?

Top dressing is usually carried out by spreading a mixture of graded top soil and fertiliser over the sports pitch, this levels out any undulations and feeds the turf.

Can you where astro turf boots in a sports hall?

Not if they mark the floor or have cleats.

What are astro turf trainers?

Astro turf trainers are shoes that most footballers wear on astro turf. I think you can also wear astro trainers on other floors. You can find astro trainers in a sports shop.

For what reasons would someone use artificial turf?

Artificial turf may be used for several reasons. Some sports are played on artificial turf. Other people may choose to use artificial turf if they live in a desert area and wish to add some green to their landscape. Finally, some people use artificial turf because it is a durable choice for covering decks or patios.

What is 'turf'?

Turf is just another word for grass, but it more often is used to refer a any formal or semi-formal area of grass used for a specific purpose; usually, but not exclusively sports related.

How do you play Eton Fives?

buy the sports book (cover is made of astro turf) page 196

Can you lay turf over existing turf?

Yes, but it is unlikely that the new turf will survive. To the question can you successfully turf over existing turf, the answer is no.

What do you call a grass expert?

AnswerGround keeper, green keeper, Turf manager, Sports Turf Manager, Lawn Care Manager, Landscaper, Horticulturists etce proper title is Agronomist. That's my job!

Where can you buy artificial lawn pieces?

Artificial lawn products are available from companies like ForeverLawn, Synthetic Turf, SportsTurfWarehouse, and On Deck Sports. Many of these companies market their products for use on sports fields.

Which is the best turf company?

TEAL TURF i had some turf and it is stunning

What kind of football shoes should be used on synthetic grass?

Puma has an extensive range of football shoes that have been designed to be worn on artificial turf fields. Any shoe safe for Artificial turf will be labled that way. There are football shoes that are designed specifically for use on synthetic grass/artificial turf. New Balance, Puma, Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike all make a variety of shoes for all different styles of turf for different sports.

What soccer cleats are better for artificial turf?

turf shoes, designed for artificial turf.

Which companies make synthetic lawns?

There are several companies offering a synthetic lawn including Easy Turf, ProGreen, Field Turf, Tru Turf, Grass Turf Mills, and Artificial Turf Supply.

What is a Turf Scientist?

A turf scientist is someone who studies turfgrass. Turfgrass is a term used to describe a grass used for a specefic function such as golf course fairway, a sports field, or a home lawn. A turf scientist implies this person has some formal education within the said subject area. This education is most often from an accredited university for an associates, bachelors, masters or PhD in turfgrass science.

If a turf supplier would install the turf for me?

Most turf suppliers will offer this service - but it is usually at an additional cost. I know that most in the Hawkesbury do such as Buffalo Turf Supplies or Sydney Lawn & Turf.

Artificial Turf?

form_title= Artificial Turf form_header= Less work and more play with an artificial turf. Is the turf for a commercial or residential yard?*= () Yes () No What is the yard size?*= _ [50] What color and length do you want the turf?*= _ [50]

What is the cost of tiger turf?

The cost of tiger turf is very reasonable compared to the other leading turf manufacturers. You get what you pay for and tiger turf cost is for its superior quality.

How do you train to play on turf?

pactice on turf