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Women doing sports for loss weight, something like Yoga. Men do it for release stress maybe.

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Q: What is sports characteristics today and modern?
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How are today's sports different from roman sports?

roman sports averagely were deadly and modern sports are rarely a threat over an injury

How are the ancient Greeks Olympics different form the modern Olympics of today?

Many of the sports that are in today weren`t included and some were eliminated today like pankration for example.

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How many sports are there today?

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How are today's sports similar to Roman sports?

they are not similar at all

What are some sports held in such arenas today?

Some sports that is held in such arenas today are is ice hockey and skating

What are some of the characteristics of modern spiritism?

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Is the Roman colosseum know as the sports arena?

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What sports are popular today?

The most popular of today is soccer.

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

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