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when the ball is throws like a spining top

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Q: What is spiral in football?
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Can you get a football to spiral everytime you throw a football?

If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

Why does the football spiral?

A football spirals based on the way it is thrown. It will be a perfect spiral if the football is thrown with the spin on the exact axis of the ball.Ê

What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

Why do quarterbacks spiral a football when they throw a pass?

Quarterbacks like to spiral a football when they throw a pass in order to increase their precision and accuracy. This can also help with distance in some cases.

What does football have to do with aerodynamics?

You can throw a football in a regular spiral motion, underhand, or end over end.

Do football's spiral when kicked?

A punt may spiral if kicked in a certain way or a punt may go end-over-end if kicked differently. A place kick will probably never spiral.

How can you make the concept of throwing a spiral football into your science project?

a picture or video would be good for the audience, and if you know how to spiral the ball, demonstrate.

Why does a spiral in football matter?

it allows the football to go further and hit its target allot better than a wobbler.

Different types of passes in football?

Lateral, spiral, option pass. and I think there are a few more.

What pass is the most accurate pass in football?

The spiral pass is the most accurate.

Why does throwing a football in a spiral make the football go farther then making it wobble or go end over end?

there is less friction

What is the type of pass called when you throw the football and it flies through the air perfectly without wobbling?

A perfectly thrown football is called a Spiral.

Will a spiraling motion football go farther or a wobbling motion football go farther?

A spiraling football will go further than a wobbling. The spiral movement will go further due to air. The spiral uses the air to move smoothly through as a wobbling football is all over the place so its actually using the air to slow down instead of moving smoothly.

Galaxies are classified by their shape what they called?

There are three types of galaxies, all of which are the same, with the exception of their shapes. There are the Elliptical galaxies (football-shaped) the Spiral galaxies (like the Milky way; vortex-shaped) and Irregular galaxies (all shapes other than spiral and football shaped).

Does a football go further when you throw it in a spiral?

yes, a football does go faster because it stops the wind from affecting it better than it being thrown wobbly

How do you punt a perfect football spiral every time?

up punt the ball on the very side of your foot

Does throwing a football with the left or right handed effect a spiral pass?

No it does not. If you throwing it perfect. Alot of things affect a football spiral: If your running or not. If you use all the laces or not. Also If you left handed and throw it with you right hand it going to effect the outcome of a spiral. But if your left handed and throw it with your left its going to increase it. Wind conditions Make an outcome too. So alot of things change the outcome of a sprial or not

Does the 50 caliber machine gun have a spiral barrel?

The barrel is straight. However, there are spiral grooves cut on the inside of the barrels. These spiral grooves, called rifling, make the bullet spin when it is fired. Just as a thrown football spins for an accurate throw, the spinning bullet makes for an accurate shot.

What is the best way to throw a football?

Turn your hips and flick ur fingers on the ball so itll have a spiral

How come if someone throws a spiraling football it will go further than if someone doesn't spiral it?

It will have a better angle

What are the arms of a spiral galaxy?

Spiral arms are 'density waves' of stars that rotate around the galaxy. The stars themselves mostly don't travel at the same speed as the spirals, what we are observing is a wave phenomena not that different from at a football game.

What material is used to make a football?

it's shape is designed to be able to spiral neatly through the air when thrown correctly. a football is ovoid shaped.cow or pig skin

Will a spiralling motion football or a wobilling motion football go farther?

spiral!!it cuts through the air. that's why punts are not kicked end over end, but spiraled like a pass

Why is a football oval?

The football was not always oval. A football used to be very round and thrown by slinging it sidearmed, that is until someone found they could throw much more accurately over-hand. The football was then changed shape so it may "spiral" with ease and travel further.

How far can Eli Manning throw a football?

60 yards in a game , but he thinks he can throw about 70-80yrds