What is spin in table tennis?

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Spin is when you can make the ball bounce in a funny way. There is: top spin (make the ball spin away from you, back spin (towards you) and side spin (bounces to the sides). You have to angle your bat/racquet in a strange way, like almost horizontally. Rob

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Q: What is spin in table tennis?
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Is there technology in table tennis?

Yes, SPIN. With spin you can do spin. With bat. And the in another side human will not hit the ball.

What are the basic skills in playing table tennis?

Serve,spin and chop

The 2 basic strokes used in table tennis?

There are actually three basic strokes in table spin, block and push (or chop).

Which sport is better tennis or table tennis?

Table tennis. of course, i play it but i used to play tennis. Table tennis is more technical with spin and requires less athletic and fitness. Tennis is mostly about hitting the ball as hard as you can until one gets tired I totally agree. Table tennis is an ace sport and more girls should play it. I used to play tennis too but found it quite boring but i love table tennis and it is my main sport!

How do you return a topspin in table tennis?

When returning a topspin you should send it back with a nice back spin. this will cause the spin speed to double and when the ball hits the table it will come back towards you.

What are the common skills in playing table tennis?

being able to spin it and being able to beat someone

What are the lingos used in the sports table tennis?

spin, bottom/top/side spin, paddle, loop, chop, serve, fault, let, and CHOOOO

How is table tennis and tennis different?

table tennis is played on a 15x6 table and meany different rules to tennis

What equipment was use in table tennis?

The equipment that was (and still is) used in table tennis are a table tennis paddle/racket/bat, a table tennis table, a table tennis ball, clips to hold the net above the middle of the table, and a net.

What are the equipments in playing table tennis?

a table and tennis

What is the proper name for the table you play table tennis on?

Err a table tennis table

What is the length of a table tennis table?

the length of a table tennis table is 274centi meters

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