What is some good info about soccer?

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2012-05-10 16:12:01

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just try

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2012-05-10 16:12:01
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Q: What is some good info about soccer?
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Where to get good info on soccer?

you can always get good info on soccer by Google or youtube. just be spacific wat u type in to search it and ye that's what i do hope this helpss

Info about soccer?

soccer is about all sorts of things.

Where do you find the history of soccer?

go to the library (i know that sounds boring) but its good info. you could also just put in "soccer history" or "history of soccer" on google (without the quotes).

What are the best colleges to play soccer?

what are some good soccer colleges?

When should the technique of heading be used in soccer?

Check out the link below for more info, Good Luck

Is football beter than soccer?

No it isn't because soccer is the most popular sport in the world and the best not just because i like soccer i just know some info about it

What are some good thesis statements on soccer?

My opinion on soccer is that is a really fun sport and a good way to have fun.

What are some good websites you can fing good info on?

Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia Is Preety Good Hope You Find Good Info

Where is the best place to find soccer info?

go to Google and type "soccer"

What is a good topic sentence about soccer?

Here are some Topic sentences about soccer: - The origin of soccer - Records ( ex: hardest kick recorded) - The rules of soccer - Soccer equipment - What a good soccer player needs

Can you find info on efrain ruiz a past player in Mexican soccer?

Can you find info on efrain ruiz a past player in mexican soccer?

Is Soccer is a good?

it is fun and very good for you, also you can take out some aggression without getting fouled

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