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Soccer is not an abbreviation, therefore it is not a shortened word. The word is soccer. But it is derived from Association Football, which is the original name. The word "soccer" is used in America and Australia, among other countries where there is more than one code of football. There is a move in Australia to get back to using the original word "football".

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Q: What is soccer short for?
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What are soccer legs?

soccer legs are legs that are perfect or soccer. not to long not to short, not to meaty and not to skinny

Does soccer make you short?


Why is it called soccer?

it was originally called football everywhere but people started calling it soccer short for soccer association

What is MLS in soccer?

MLS is short for Major League Soccer which is the premier league of American soccer.

What is mls soccer?

MLS is short for Major League Soccer which is the premier league of American soccer.

What are equipments of soccer?

For goalkeepers: soccer cleats , gloves, long or short jerseys with integrated pads for protection, (same as pants Everybody else: soccer cleats, and a normal soccer uniform.

How do you say soccer shorts in french?

slip or short

What is Jake Short's favorite sport?

His favorite sport is soccer.

What does GF mean in soccer stats?

It's short for Goals For.

What are some good short sayings for soccer?

A common phrase used by coaches to educate soccer players is "When in doubt, kick it out!

What is Football's major soccer league in America called?

The Football league in the US is known as Major League Soccer or MLS for short.

What necessary equimpment is needed to play soccer?

If you want to play soccer you will need the basic stuff, such as: shinpad, spikes, high knee socks, short pants, and obviously a soccer ball

What Soccer team do people from tijuana cheer for?

Xolos! (Short for Xoloitzcuintles)

What kind of grass is soccer played on?

astroturf or short cut grass

How does playing soccer have an effect on your body?

playing soccer can build muscles and make you get short of breath. it cause nausea when hit in certain areas

Is 5'7'' short?

In professional sports like football and soccer and volleyball, yes.

What is used when a player wants to make a short shot in soccer?

It is called punting.

Why is soccer called soccer and other countries futball?

Association Football, the full name of soccer or football is where both names derive from. soccer, short for asscociation, formed where distinction was needed between other types of football. the word futball does not exist in any language.

What is euro short for?

The Euro is the fullname of a currency, and so it is not short for anything. In other contexts Euro can be short for Europe, as in Euro 2012, a name for the European Soccer Championships in 2012.

How heavy is soccer ball like?

Very light, a little short of 1 pound

Why do soccer balls Float?

Soccer balls never really float but they do stay in the air for a short period of time. This is mainly due to the compressed air inside the a ball.

Why is basketball better than soccer?

it is not its in basket ball they blow the whistle on you for every little thing and the field is short soccer you get more exercise and is way better than basketball

Is there a soccer website? is brilliant for a short update of every premierleague clubs latest news

Can a soccer goal keeper wear a short sleeve top?

yes, but it will hurt if it hits the arm

What are six sports you wear short shorts when playing?