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Swinging a stick at an opponent, no contact is required under new standards.

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Q: What is slashing in hockey?
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Is slashing major penalty in hockey?

slashing can be a major penalty but most of the time its not

What is one rule of ice hockey?

No slashing a player with your stick.

Slashing hooking and boarding are common terms of which sport?

Ice Hockey

What is it called when a player is hit by a stick in an ice hockey game?


What are four infractions that will send you to the penalty box?

Hockey? Tripping, slashing, holding, high sticking are four of many penalties in hockey.

What is it called when a player swing his stick hard at an opponent in hockey?


What are the penalties for floor hockey?

hoocking,slashing,crosschecking and bitting some ones toe

What are the pentlties in hockey?

the penalties in hockey are: hooking, tripping, slashing, interfearance, delay of game, charging, roughing, and i think that's all of them. Hope it helped!!

What does slashing mean in hockey?

hitting a stick at an opposing player in the shin or somwhere below ur neck

Is it illegal to knock someones stick out of there hand well playing hockey?

Yes it is, if you do you will either get a slashing penalty or a holding the stick penalty

For what offences can one receives a penalty in hockey?

There are several ways to receive a penalty in hockey. The most popular include delay to games, high sticking, slashing, unsportsmanlike conduct, and too many men on the ice.

What are the different penalties in hockey?

Various ones such as hooking, slashing, tripping, high sticking, goaltender interference, cross-checking, boarding, and a few others.

How many syllables are in slashing?

The word slashing has two syllables. Slash-ing.

Is hockey different then todays version of hockey?

A little bit. Icing was not even a rule until the 1930's and people got away with hooking and slashing. It wasn't even a penalty to slash someone in the head. So it was a lot rougher than it is now.

What sport uses the term slash?

The term 'slash' is used in the sport of ice hockey. When one player slashes the other with his stick, they receive a slashing penalty.

What can you receive for slashing tires?

You can go to jail for slashing tires. Slashing tires is considered destroying property. The exact penalty will depend upon where you live and if it is your first offense or not.

What are the Japanese symbols for slashing shadow?

削減 - slashing 影 - shadow

Is slashing goodyear tires a felony?

If they are not yours, slashing ANY tire is a felony. If they are yours, you are free to do whatever you wish, Goodyear or not.

When did Nic Diederichs Technical High School slashing happen?

Nic Diederichs Technical High School slashing happened on 2008-08-17.

What is the purpose of slashing cotton fibers before weaving them into fabric?

the warp yarn in arranged in a prescribed sequence and wound on to a loom beam for weaving (by a Slashing Machine)

What does zangetsu mean?

It means (slashing moon) cutting moon Zangetsu means Cutting Moon/Slashing Moon/Slaying Moon

What does a slashing hand motion over the neck mean by a waterskiing participant?

A slashing hand motion over the neck by a waterskiing participant means cut the motor or stop.

Can you give one word for - the practice of hitting?


What was a scythe used for in Ancient Egypt?

slashing hose

What signs do the ref show when someone gets a penalty in hockey?

There is a different signal for each infraction, such as a chopping motion across the arm to indicate a slashing penalty. Suggest you check the NHL site at or use a search engine such as Google to find out more.